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RENDER was born out of a love of things that are pure and unadulterated, an appreciation for diamonds in the rough, and a strong desire to create a product that is true to its nature.

My adventures with tallow first started about ten years ago on a quest to heal the hands of my dearest friend. Every winter her hands turned chapped, dry and painful with the turning of the season. I saw her struggle with all sorts of balms and lotions until one day I found a sweet little recipe for what we endearingly called "Beast Balm." I bought a chunk of suet from the local farm store and waited patiently as it rendered into silky, golden tallow. After playing with some essential oils to brighten its fragrance, I brought her a jar and she was instantly hooked! Her hands healed and we began to share the balm with others who desperately needed relief. It is so exciting to be able to offer this soothing balm to the masses and have now heard countless stories of healing, just like my friend, from our customers.

I love the simplicity of Render Skincare. It is so hard to find safe and clean products for our bodies. Even in a sea of "natural" and "organic" labels, I still find myself searching for skincare products with ingredients I can pronounce, origins I am familiar with and benefits I can understand.

My very favorite part of sharing Render with the world is hearing from customers about the awesome healing power it has. And, of course, seeing people's perception change from total skeptic – before ever trying tallow on their skin – to total lover of the product. 

- Kari, Owner/Creater

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