Our Aromatic Massage candles are one of the more luxurious ways to enjoy the nourishing benefits of Grass-Fed Tallow. Combined with skin protecting Beeswax and soothing Organic Jojoba oil, our Tallow candles offer a next-level moisturizing experience. Just like all of our other products, we use a gentle blend of therapeutic grade essential oils to usher in all those calming and mood boosting qualities any good candle provides.


Scent Blends Options - 4oz.

Sweet Orange + Clove - warm, comforting

Lavender + Basil Flower - gentle, soothing

Geranium + Clary Sage - floral, calming


How To Use: Light candle and allow flame to melt the oils for 10-15 minutes. Once oil pools over surface of candle, extinguish flame and wait a few moments for oil to cool just slightly. For small areas, dip finger into pooled oil and massage into skin. For larger areas, carefully poor oil into palm and massage thoroughly into skin. 


General Candle Instructions: To ensure an even burn and long-lasting candle, make sure to trim your wick to about 1/4 inch before lighting. Always extinguish candle before attempting to use oil. Be sure to always keep a lit candle on a flat level surface aways from other flammable materials. Candles should never be left alone lit. We recommend setting a timer for safety and candle longevity.

Aromatic Massage Candle